FC Equipments joins AMG Microwave

AMG Microwave is excited to announce it has finalised the acquisition of FC Equipments earlier this summer.

FC Equipments is an expert supplier of test and measurement solutions for the RF, optics, energy and ICT industries. The company, based in Brittany, has over 15 years of experience providing new and second-handed test and measurement instruments for sale or rent, as well as technical advice, equipment maintenance and logistics services to its clients.

Its Director, Mr. Jean-Yves Guyomard, has found in AMG Microwave a reliable partner to consolidate FC Equipments’ activity and strengthen its position in the test and measurement market. A few weeks ago, Mr. Patrick Even joined FC Equipments as a financial manager bringing all its technical expertise and business acumen to support this new and exciting phase in the company.

For more information about FC Equipments portfolio of products and services visit : http://fc-equipments.com/WELCOME.html