Radar 3D – COTS

3D Radar

Radar 3D – COTS


  • Targets detection and tracking
  • Trajectory measurement
  • Sport
  • Intrusion detection
  • Traffic management
  • Education

The AMG0086 radar is the development platform for your future radar applications. Using a user-friendly interface, you will be able to develop your product in record time. This 3D radar can be configured with the most used modulations. It comes with an antenna system adapted to your project.

This equipment is more than an evaluation board: it is intended for field installations and it complies with the regulations.

  • 24GHz radar with 1x TX antenna and 2x RX antenna
  • RF inputs and output connectorized for the use of various antennas
  • Modulation: CW / FSK / FMCW with FSK
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Speed, direction, distance and angle measurement
  • Multi-target detection
  • Low power: 12V 240mA 2.88W with LNA
  • Communication: USB / UART / RS232 / RS485
  • 4x Open Collector Outputs
  • 2x 16 position Rotary Switch

HMI Software on PC

  • Radar setup
  • Radar signal analysis
  • Targets Visualization
  • Replays a measurement sequence with save and load buttons
  • Save and reload radar configuration
  • Site monitoring
  • Traffic management
  • Sports performance measurement
  • Obstacle detection
  • Camera sensor
document reference: AMG0086-1
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