AMG Microwave

AMG Microwave is an expert designer and manufacturer of high-frequency electronics in the 1 GHz to 50 GHz range. Since 2000, it is one of France’s leading suppliers of radar sensors and RF products for the rail, maritime, defence, security and traffic management sectors among others.

Using its skilled team of engineers and technicians, wide-range expertise in the RF sector and state of the art manufacturing facilities, AMG microwave produces innovative high-quality microwave devices and develops custom-made equipment according to specifications. Its R&D department has significant experience in RF consultancy projects and managing products throughout their whole-life cycle.

AMG Microwave also provides electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for prototypes and small series as well as maintenance services for microwave equipment up to 50 GHz. 

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AMG Microwave has a highly skilled team of technicians with over 35 years of combined expertise in the RF and microwave industries. All the devices and products sold by AMG are 100% designed, developed and manufactured in-house. 

AMG is member of IALA
AMG is member of Pole Mer
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    Helps you to

    Improve your products.
    Remplace obsolete or end of line components.
    Develop RF and high-frequency products, from design to mass production

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    Antennas from 1 GHz to 50 GHz
    Oscillateurs (DRO/VCO/PLL/PLDRO)
    24 GHz radar equipment and sensors

    Simulators, RACON Transponder



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    Facilities and resources

    Microwave Office : electromagnetic, RF and microwave simulation (linear and non-linear), Anechoic chamber

    3D mechanical design, schematic PCB routing

    Radar processing

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