Bluetooth for Racon


Bluetooth for Racon


  • Operating status of the S and X bands
  • Settings
  • The last 48 recordings with their status
  • Long range
  • Error-free verification
  • Compatible with Hekleo-2XS Radar Beacon

Bluetooth® connection is available for all Hekleo-2XS racons. The Bluetooth dongle is plugged into the serial link connector. The Android application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Bluetooth® improves the safety of checking radar warning buoys: complete, safe diagnosis without the risk of connecting and disconnecting cables. It can download 2 days of data stored in the racon.

The AMG0111 Bluetooth® dongle and application allows safe preventive maintenance!

The radio link simplifies the connection, no more problems with laptops, tablets and other connecting cables!

  • Bluetooth® LE 4.2 Standard
  • Dongle to be connected to the serial port
  • Range > 50m
  • Current consumption 10mA
  • Compatible with Hekleo 2
  • Connects between the standard power supply and the serial connector

With the Android application, you can view the operating status of the racon, download and view the main characteristics of the racon and change the settings.

  • The operating diagnosis is the result of the control of the internal voltages, but also of the radio powers and the frequency calibration. A complete test is performed every hour.
  • Secure access with a password
  • Change settings
  • Download of 48 hours of recordings
document reference: AMG0111-BT_Racon_1
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